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  • McNett Tactical GRUNTLINE-Flexible Utility Elastic Cord Line with Clips

    • Braided multifunctional elastic cord utility line; stretches up to 7ft and holds up to 20 lbs
    • Can be used as a variety of in field/camping uses: clothesline, tie-down strap, belt or retention line, holds maps, flashlights, and water bottles
    • Has a wide array of medical uses including arm sling, I.V. support, and tourniquet
    • Flexible line attaches to itself or other objects
    • Constructed of dry natural rubber; easily returns back to its original length
    • Elastic Cord Offers Hundreds of Uses for Armed Services. Braided Utility Line Holds Up To 20 lbs
    • Flexible Line Stretches Up To 7-Feet . Attaches To Itself or Other Objects